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Zombie Mode

One of the best things about Call of Duty: Black Ops may be multiplayer mode, but we like Black Ops zombie mode best of all! One of the more popular features of COD: Black Ops is zombie mode, where you and up to 3 of your friends can gather on a multiplayer channel and battle the undead. In zombie mode there are 3 black ops maps. The first map is very similar to World at War - set in the 1940's and will seem familiar if you're a hard core COD gamer. If you finish COD 7 Black Ops campaign mode you'll unlock the second map, which is called "Five" Finally, there is a thrid map available known simply as Dead Ops, which is really just an old-school arcade style game. "Five" is definitely tops in my book.

"Five" kicks off with a high profile meeting in the Pentagon between JFK, Fidel Castro, Robert MacNamara, and President Richard Nixon. The meeting is interrupted when Zombies burst in, which can always be a distraction if you're trying to get work done. A bit of hilarity ensues as Kennedy and the rest try to take on the zombies, wasting everything in their path. The general idea (in almost any zombie situation) is to survive the attack of the undead as long as possible by wiping out hundreds of zombies with shotguns, grenades, machine guns, and just about anything else you can find scattered around the Pentagon. These black ops zombies are everywhere; they come through doors, windows, and everywhere else, so you gotta kill them all and seal off the entrances. Good thing you get paid for both!

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Here's a good tip for those hard core black op zombie gamers out there: Smash as many windows as you can ASAP while there are still no zombies lurking around, and throw up boards in their place. This will make it easier to see the zombies when they come for you, and as an additional bonus you get paid! Also remember to build up your cash reserves in the beginning, because you're going to need it. Here's another black ops zombie mode tip: Save your nukes for later if they spawn when there aren't many other zombies on your screen. It's a total waste to launch a nuke when there's just a couple of random zombies stumbling around - wait until you can make it count!

Remember to watch out for zombies falling from the sky! IF they land on you and bite you you're done for - so make sure to always stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Make sure you always keep moving and do your best to ignore the mystery box - it will only serve to distract you, and although you may get lucky and grab a flamethrower, it could just as easily be a pistol and then you're in trouble. Stick with your multiplayer buddies - just like in real life, it pays off to stay together and fight as a pack. As time goes on, more and more zombies will approach you and you're gonna need all the help you can get. Fidel Castro may have lasted a long time in Cuba, but black op zombies will get him in the end, that you can be sure of. Be smart: stay vigilant; stay together!

When it all comes down to it, the zombies will get you and you will die. There is no actual way to "win" black ops zombie mode - so accept your fate and do the best you can while you are still alive. Sooner or later the zombies will get you, so kill as many as you can before you meet your demise, and always remember the most important thing - have fun! Killing zombies in a video game is much better than trying to face them in real life!

Check out this Black Ops zombie mode walkthrough video to see the action close up:

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