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Black Ops First Strike Maps Due Friday

Treyarch, the maker of Call of Duty Black Ops, has just confirmed via Twitter that First Strike for PC will be available this coming friday, March 25th. Great news for all of you COD Black Ops fans!

Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike PC

Introducing the PC version of the Black Ops First Strike Pack

The First Strike pack introduces four new Black Ops Multiplayer maps - Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium and Kowloon - and a new Zombies level called Ascension. Gamers got their first taste of the First Strike upgrade earlier this month when Treyarch, the maker of Black Ops, released it for PS3 and XBox360. Releasing the First Strike Pack for PC couldn't come sooner for gamers awaiting it's release, and should take some pressure off as the public eagerly awaits the next title in the Call of Duty series.

You can pre-order your First Strike PC upgrade here. Remember to "like" this story below to share it on Facebook!


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Black Ops Wins GAME Award of 2010

Black Ops Call of Duty

Last night in London, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts held it's annual awards ceremony, and Call of Duty Black Ops was named by fans as the "GAME Award of 2010". GAME, the retail chain which sponsors the event, turned to fans to vote for their overall favorite, and it's no surprise to us that Black Ops took home the prize.

Black Ops Sets High Expectations for MW3

Since it's release last November, Black Ops has gone on to sell a whopping 13.7 million units in the United States alone, and quickly become one of the most popular online multiplayer games ever. Winning the prized GAME Award of 2010 only increases the pressure on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 title to live up to the expectations set by its' predecessor. Although the makers of the game series have tried to stay fairly quiet regarding rumors of the new title, many sources note that the storyline will most likely be centered around the character of Ghost, and could possibly be set as a prequel to Modern Warfare 2. We expect that Activision will be making a public announcement about the follow up to Black Ops in the next 30-60 days, and we'll bring you the news as soon as we learn it!


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Black Ops Best Selling Game in History

Call of Duty Black Ops

Although it was only just released last November, we received word today that Call of Duty: Black Ops has just surpassed the record for best selling video game title in U.S. history, surpassing over 13.7 million titles sold. The previous record holder was Nintendo's Wii "Play", and considering that it only took Black Ops 6 months to surpass it's competition makes the feat all the more impressive.

Black Ops Sets Expectations High for Call of Duty 8

Many people never expected Black Ops to do the kinds of numbers set by the previous COD title, Modern Warfare 2, so this victory must be an especially sweet one for Treyarch, the embattled maker of the game. This also sets the expectations increasingly high for the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3, which will be going head to head against Battlefield 3 for the title of best video game of 2011. Although MW3 isn't expected to be released until November 2011, we can already feel the anticipation building and critics and fans alike are clamoring for more information about the game itself.

Do you think MW3 will be able to give Black Ops a run for it's money, or it will it be a disappointment to the gaming community? Let us know in the comments!!

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